We’re sure that you’re all aware that Valentine’s Day is coming up; February 19th 16th 13th 14th is the day that no self-respecting husband/male significant other forgets. So to help some of you guys who blew it last year by buying your wife that Xbox 360 that you’d she’d always wanted, the good people at ProFlowers.com have kindly donated 5 free flower bundle-thingies – oh, I’m told that they’re called “bouquets” – to us, to give to 5 lucky winners. And what do you have to do to win?

Simple. In the comments, tell your best Valentine’s Day Story. And by “best”, of course we mean “worst/most embarrassing/the one that led to a three-night couch camping trip”. Because we here at DadCentric strive to overcome the stereotype of the father as an inept, insensitive douchebag, and what better way to do that then to publish anecdotes about dads fucking up Valentine’s Day. Thanks to modern technology, we can allow you, the general public, to vote; we’ll close the comments and vote at 12:00 PST this Friday. You can atone for past mistakes, plus ProFlowers.com delivers, so you won’t even have to drive to the florist, which is good because remember that time you went to pick up flowers for the missus and oh, there’s a topless bar right next to the local FTD and ten kamikazes and a free cheeseburger lunch and two lap dances later you forgot to pick up the flowers? Yeah. So does she.