“Best Of” contests are a tricky thing. Some say that only experts should be the judges, that the public simply lacks the necessary gifts of discernment and good taste required to determine which chef, author, writer, director, or star should be nominated for a Grand Prize. Others say that the culture determines the artist’s value, and that popularity should count for something. One can make a convincing case for either argument: Jersey Shore never won an Emmy, but then again, Titanic got a Best Picture Oscar.

We’ve watched with great interest over the past several days as dads have competed for votes at Circle of Mom’s Top 25 Dadbloggers contest. Sadly, DadCentric was not nominated. We’re bummed, because getting recognition from a mom-focused site that clearly holds dads in high regard and is not using an easily gamed contest as linkbait is something that any self-respecting blogger strives for. Sadder still, our intern has informed us that we could have easily nominated ourselves, thanks to the contest’s Self-Nomination Button. THIS IS WHY WE GIVE YOU FREE M&M’S IN LIEU OF PAY, STUPID INTERN.

So, in the spirit of healthy competition, the cornerstone upon which Western democracy rests, we’ve decided to put on our own Best Dadblogger Contest. Top Ten? Top 25? Eh. Too complicated. Like Conner MacLeod, we believe that there can be only one. Because honestly, who gives a shit who the 24th Best Dadblogger is? Certainly not the Big Brands, who are poised to hurl stacks of cash, “review copies” of the latest Blu-ray releases, and bags upon bags of sweet delicious M&M’s at the dadbloggers who win contests like these. And rather than muck things up with a disjointed nomination process, we’re going to keep it simple. None of this “Fill Out A Form And Place Our Badge On Your Site” nonsense.

We’ll settle this in the Comments section, like men. If you’re a dadblogger, nominate yourself in the Comments below. Don’t email your friends to do it, don’t Tweet to your followers that oh, there’s a really awesome Best Dadblogger Contest going on at DadCentric and boy wouldn’t it be cool if someone were to nominate me. Tell us why you think – nay, why you KNOW – you’re the best Dadblogger in the Dad-blog-o-sphere. The winner will receive the recognition and prestige that comes along with being named DadCentric’s Best Dadblogger Of All Time Ever. And you’ll get this awesome trophy: