Ah, taking pictures with mall Santas. We approach this annual task with such high expectations, only to have them dashed. Exhibit A – my kids, from last year:

(Yes, Santa has a lazy eye. Lucas’ terrified shrieks were, I think, justified.)

No doubt you’ve had similar experiences, and now we’re giving a few lucky readers the chance to profit from their kids’ fear and loathing of St. Nick. Send us your worst kids-with-Santa pics (again, if you’re unsure what constitutes a Bad Santa Photo, please reference the above examples – or go here for some truly nightmarish pictures), and you may win some prizes from VTech Toys!* Third place will receive a Bugsby Reading System; second place will receive a Jungle Gym Giraffe, and the first place prize is a doozy: a VMotion console and – AND! – a Kidizoom camera!

Here’s how to enter: go to our Worst Santa Photo Flickr Group, join, and post. You can only submit ONE photo, so make it a good/bad one. (And it goes without saying that your photo must be of YOUR kids, not some random pic you found on the Internet.) We’ll accept photos until Monday, December 14th and announce the winners on Wednesday, December 16th. And we’ll put up a link to the gallery here, so that everyone can share a sympathetic laugh.