It’s time to put my ’94 Ranger out to pasture. In our quest for a new ride, we came upon this retro beauty – the 2006 Chevy HHR. Short for “Heritage High Roof”, the HHR is Chevy’s answer to the cult fave PT Cruiser. From a dadcentric perspective, the HHR wins. It’s got more of an old-school Suburban look to it (the PT Cruiser is a bit “cuter”, and when it comes to cars,”cuter” is something that any self-respecting dad needs to avoid), and has a bit more head room. And it’s a bit bigger than the PT Cruiser; that roof looks like it would hold a longboard just fine. (Hey – it’s important. What happens when Beth has the Xterra and a swell hits? Am I supposed to put the Softracks on our – gag – Jetta and head to the beach? No, no, a thousand times no!)The big question, of course, is the staying power of the retro look. With it’s sister truck (the SSR), Chevy now has two models that look like they ought to come equipped with fedoras. But the trend hasn’t taken off, and one wonders if HHR and PT Cruiser will be become our kids’ version of the AMC Pacer. Still – decent gas mileage (22/30), head-turning looks, room for the family and gear – it’s definitely a contender for our next ride.