As you may have heard by now, men having babies is all the rage. It was only a matter of time before science quit worrying about such frivolous pursuits as cures for AIDS and cancer and concentrated on the real (relationship) killer of our time, pregnancy.

Women have unfairly had to do all of the hard work in regard to developing, and in my case, creating, new life. Then they have been obligated to follow the process with 18-80 years of worrying and creative criticism, while men get off with, well, getting off. Men have felt really guilty about this for a long time.

That is why we here at DadCentric have decided to bridge the gap. We are opening ourselves up to you, the readers, to help us make amends. One of our writers will undergo the proper procedure(s) to become fertile. Which one? That’s where you come in. Vote in the comments below.

There are links in the sidebar. Check everyone out and decide which dad is man enough to get knocked up. All it takes is your vote, a dash of science and 7 lemoncillos. Anal sex is optional.