You’d think that after all that gushing I did over you at the season’s start that I would be pretty upset right now.

You know, about how the Jets, led by you, choked away an 8-3 record following consecutive on-the-road victories over the fearsome Pats and at-the-time undefeated Titans.

About how you and your teammates blew making the playoffs in that final regular season game.

To our longtime hated division rival, no less.

A rival, I might add, led by the quarterback we dumped for you.

A QB named “Chad.”

For crying out loud. Chad!

Nevertheless, I’m good with it. Honestly.

As a Jets fan from the waning Joe Namath days on, I’m used to the team sucking. And as a Mets fan during the baseball season, I’m now totally accustomed to such last-month-of-the-season collapses.

Moreover, Brett, I’m fine because of something my son said.

When asked by his uncle last week what was his favorite football team, my 6-year-old unhesitatingly said:

“The Giants.”

Good for you, son.

Been nice knowing ya, Brett. Feel free to leave this season off the resume you submit to Canton, OK?