Is it possible for Winnie the Pooh to jump the shark? Is Cousin Oliver or Scrappy Doo coming to 100-Acre Wood? Well, according to this story, it does seem like that’s what’s happening. After 80 years…80 years!!…the brilliant minds at Disney and some half-assed group of consultants believe that it’s time for a change and are replacing Christopher Robin with a tomboyish girl. Hmmm, tomboyish you say. Sounds to me like they’re not all that convinced this scheme of theirs is gonna pan out well for them. I think the tomboy character is way to maybe hedge some bets. But, here’s one of my favorite lines from the article: Disney’s Kanter says the new cartoon represents not an abandonment of an old, familiar world, but rather an alternate universe for Pooh and his crew. An alternate universe? Pooh and crew in the fourth dimension – woo-hoo! But I digress.

What say you all? Is it ok to take liberties with stories and characters so ingrained in our culture? For example: Was no one paying attention this summer when they tried to pass off Cedric the Entertainer as Jackie Gleason? Did anyone really buy Will Smith as James West in Wild, Wild West? How about we change Alice in Wonderland to Alexander? How about we make Dumbo a koala bear – they’re cute, right? I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: stop f’in with my childhood! Let’s show a little creativity and come up with entirely new characters and stories you lazy asses.