Today marks the release of Do Fun Stuff, an iTunes kids’ album for adults compiled by one-time DadCentrician Ryan of Pacing the Panic Room to raise funds for and awareness of Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS), a rare chromosomal disorder that can cause a host of physical and development issues.

Doctors diagnosed Ryan’s son with SMS about a year ago and he has been working since shortly after that it seems to get musicians, friends and total strangers together for this cause. It’s an amazing feat.

As a father with a daughter who also has a rare disease, I understand the frightening and frustrating situation Ryan and his wife Cole face too well. You scream and cry and curse everybody and everything then you bang your fists into the pavement. But then you bandage your bloodied fingers, take a cough drop for your throat and figure out what you can do to keep going because you know if you don’t do it for your kid, nobody else will.