As a parent, sometimes you run out of options.  You sang, danced, made up silly little double-entendre laden rhymes…and nothing.  Sometimes you just have to cave.  Like most parents, I’m a little reluctant to turn the TV on and let Mia soak in the stupid.  So I’ve got the next best thing.  Two words – Sony Playstation.

Okay, granted, she’s way too young to play much of anything.  But you put a bouncy seat on vibrate in front of the TV, fire up your favorite game and you’ve got a source of amusement for, well, 15 minutes or so.  Now, before you freak out and call social services on me, I beat up hookers for their cash playing Grand Theft Auto nor did I rip out anyone’s spines playing Mortal Kombat.  Instead I blew stuff up playing a Star Wars game.

Maybe I’ve sunk pretty low.  My wife didn’t seem all that amused.  But at least I’m trying to teach my daughter the ways of the force.  That’s something, right?