I’ve been staying up later in the evening lately as Little Dubya has been…um…how to say this tactfully…NOT FUCKIN’ SLEEPING. Is that too harsh? I have been doing this since Mrs. Big Dubya is with child and I’m trying to do my best to let her get as much sleep as possible. However, it’s not always easy when the baby monitor is right next to her head and he decides to go into full-on wailing banshee mode. That’s when I try, like a bull in a china shop, to scramble lumber quietly up the stairs. I mean well, but sometimes I make as much noise as Little Dub. But that’s neither her nor there. My point is that I stay up late.

I just got a new laptop. Mrs. Big Dubya hooked a brotha up and now I have a brand-spankin’ new Dell E1705. It’s pretty sweet with its Bluetooth wireless, 1GB SDRAM, 100GB hard drive and Intel Core Duo Processor – I likey. Again, that’s not really the point, but I’m getting there. As with any laptop, it allows me to use the Web anywhere unlike in the past where I would be tethered to the desk upstairs Sure, I could have used Mrs. Big Dubya’s any time, but that’s hers and I never really did feel right about it. But, I just never wanted to head upstairs for any long period of time to go on-line. Hence, new laptop. Drawback? I can now spend entirely too much time surfing while I wait for the little guy to erupt in “he’s pulling out my toenails with pliers” screams. Too vivid? I say it doesn’t even scratch the surface on how loud and brain-piercing it actually is, but, again, I digress.

In my aimless clicking of links quest for knowledge, I stumble upon all sorts of interesting things, as I’m sure many of you do as well. Hey, stop shakin’ your head, you know I’m right. First step to recovery is admitting you might have a problem, remember? Anyway, I know Father’s Day has come and gone, but ladies, maybe your guy has a birthday coming up? Anniversary? Maybe he put the toilet seat down? Well, if you’re looking for something to get him, might I suggest this fine example of American ingenuity and know-how. Perfect for the guy on the slow go. Make sure you check out the picture of the guy at the bike rally at Sturgis – I think that says it all.

Next up – how’s your dexterity? Me? I’m about as nimble as a…nimble as a…can anyone help me with an accurate comparison? Nevermind. I’m just not all that dextrous. But if anyone has the time, inclination and patience, I’d love to see the final product on this. Oh, yeah, almost forgot. A smattering of Spanish pudo ser necesario.

Finally, I know Greg posted about the Salon “Kindie Rock” article yesterday, but last night I stumbled on something at elbo.ws which took me here and finally to a blog called (sm)all ages. Some of you might already be familiar (I was not – shame on me), but if you’re looking for alternatives to The Wiggles and music of that ilk, it’s as good a place as any to start. In fact, Friday, June 23’s post includes Sleater Kinney, The Eels and the Chili Peppers – that’s something I can get behind.