“Daddy? Can you show me pictures of you flipping your bike?”

“WTF is she talking about?” I thought to myself as the rancid morning breath from my sweet little girl’s mouth abruptly awakened me from a very peaceful night’s sleep. “Huh?” I asked. “I want to see pictures of you flipping your bike,” she replies.

Ohhhhhhh…now I remember….

Yesterday at CPK my daughter sat where she could see the big plasma screen TV over the bar area. They were showing the X-Games BMX competion. A couple of guys were really throwing down the tricks and my daughter asked me if I could “do that”. That, of course, was some sort of freakish double back-flip with a contorted spin, a cross-up and a flair where the dude was able to disassemble his bike and put it back together before landing in the transition of a monster 15ft quarterpipe. Blindfolded.

“No, baby, Daddy can’t do that,” I said.

You see, at the young age of 34 years, I took up BMX street riding. (Don’t ask.) Actually, I became somewhat adept at it in the four years I focused on it. I had all the grinds down, could bunny hop over construction barricades and even did a stairwell or two. Hell, the eleven year-olds in the crew I ran with thought I was pretty dope. Anyway, I gave it up in 2004 to focus on surfing, but, I still have one of my bikes in the garage and she’s seen me break it out a couple of times. I can’t do shit on it anymore, but, to a 4 year-old, Daddy jumping over a tennis ball must still be an exciting feat, right? So, she equated the over-the-top madness she was watching to the piddly crap she’s seen me do the few times she’s seen me on my bike.

“Anymore, Lu. Daddy doesn’t do those tricks anymore,” was the contribution from my wife to the brief discussion. (What were you doing, woman?)

“Why you not flip your bike anymore, Daddy?”

“Um…I just stopped riding it, honey. I like to surf now.”

“Did you cry when you did your tricks?”

“Nope. I didn’t cry. Hey, I have some pictures of some tricks I did that I can show you.”

“I wanna see!”

And then the course of the family dinner derailed the conversation and the subject never really came back up. That is, until this morning at O’dark-thirty. It’s really cute that this is the first thing on her mind in the morning and she ran in to the room all excited [although I really, really need to stick a box of Tic Tacs on her nightstand]. She really admires me, I guess. But, Daddy don’t flip his bike, kid. Never have. Never will. Luckily, what I did have was just as good in her mind as the ridiculousness she was witnessing the night before [thank God!]. She loved the pictures and I’m sooooo glad she gave no indication that she was less-than-impressed. I’m golden. A 2ft curb or a 15ft quarterpipe. Who cares? Until she develops better spacial perceptions and can judge distances, her Daddy is an X-Games hero.