So about a week ago, our intrepid leader Jason forwarded an email to the DC crew from the folks at Eyes Cream Shades. They were looking to send us some kiddo-sized shades so’s we could try ‘em out and do up a little daddyblog review action. So I thought, “Hell, my kids need sunglasses, seeing as how the ones they had seem to have disappeared.” So I responded and asked him to send those bad boys my way. A few days later, they showed up in my mailbox. Score!

But then I remembered, oh yeah, I’m supposed to do a write-up on these things. And while I’ve arranged quite a few words on quite a few pages, I’ve never done a review of clothing or accessories. So I sent an email to Jason:

“Hey man, I got the shades. They’re great! Only thing is, I’ve never written a review of anything like sunglasses before. It’s not like a movie or a book or anything, they just kind of…are. Got any pointers for me?”

A minute later, I got this:

“Jason is currently out of the office with limited access to email. He will respond to you when he returns at some undisclosed point in the future.”

An out of office auto-response, huh? We’ll just see about this, I thought. So I responded with:

“Jason, I know you work from home and you’ve been all over twitter today, so I’m not sure what’s up with this OOTO response. Seriously, if you have any advice for how I should go about writing this review, I’d appreciate it. By the way, who writes their OOTO auto-response in third person?”

A second later I got this back from him:

“There is no Jason, only ZUUL!”