Luke Skywalker had a plan. He was going to go off to the Academy to train to become a fighter pilot. And if those new droids worked out, he wanted to go sooner rather than later. But his Uncle Owen had a plan too, for Luke to stay on for just one more season. It was the harvest, after all, when he needed the boy most. And Han Solo, that man had himself some plans. Score some fast cash, pay off Jabba, and get that price off of that handsome head of his. His old buddy Greedo had a plan too, but that green son of a bitch didn’t count on Han’s habit of shooting first. Princess Leia’s plans included delivering the Death Star’s schematics to the Rebel base in person and hanging out on her home planet at some point. C-3P0’s plan was to stay out of danger and not get into any trouble while R2-D2’s plan was basically the exact opposite.

Plans: to their ownselves not always true.