It was bound to happen at some point, and happen it did. These words stand before you  as my personal representative to testify that this particular happening did indeed happen. It occurred, even. You are about to stop reading because I’m not getting to the point. Or maybe you’re not interested. Or maybe your boss just walked by and caught you on DadCentric yet again.

You know how in Battlestar Galactica — and yes, this will contain a bit of spoilage, but only from season 1 which, if you haven’t watched yet, well then I can’t help you — but you remember how basically the entire government was wiped out in a massive nuclear attack carried out by self-righteous monotheistic robots, which left the human race with almost no governance until it was determined that some mid-level administrator was next in line to take over the presidency, and even then there was only the barest of bare bones leadership structures in place to lead the remains of the human race through the galaxy with no tangible future in sight?

Well that’s basically what happened at my house last weekend.