I was cruising through my feeds, reading blog after blog after blog, and I started to notice a theme.  That theme was Mother’s Day.  Apparently, every single person who blogs has had, at one point or another, a mother.  Who knew?

We here at DadCentric have had a hand (among other things) in creating some May customers for Hallmark.  I figured one of us here must have made a little post mentioning the holiday.  Nope.  We’re men, people.  We don’t always think about doing the nice thing.  Sometimes we like to watch basketball and drink beer on a Sunday, regardless of the holiday.  Come on, it’s the playoffs! (Go Suns!)

That said, we’re in the business of making moms, it’s what we do (or did).  We should be strong enough to suck it up and throw a shout out on a day that honors them.  That’s good business.

It’s also heartfelt and sincere.  On behalf of the lads, Happy Mother’s Day to all of you moms out there.  Hope your day was wonderful.