Many of us, at some point in our parenting lives, are faced with a choice: child care center, or nanny? We went down both roads; Lucas is currently going to a center, two days a week, but in his rookie season, the boy had a nanny. We all loved her; she was great with Lucas, and she was named after a titular Allman Brothers gal (no, not Elizabeth Reed; that would be somewhat disturbing, to name your girl after the dead subject of a lengthy instrumental jam. Like naming your daughter Eleanor Rigby.) Choosing the right nanny is a pressure-laden and grueling task, and it can be a tremendous challenge to find the right one, and hang on to her/him once you have.

DadCentric favorite AJ Jacobs has a nanny. And a problem. She’s apparently hot, Angelina Jolie-hot, and we men do not bandy that term around lightly. (Poor AJ – must be rough, what with having Lara Croft as a nanny and hanging out with Scarlett Johansson and all.) So hot, in fact, that she’s having trouble finding dates because of the hotness – men are simply intimidated by her. So AJ does what any wordsmith with an unbearably hot nanny would; he takes a cue from Edmond Rostand and offers to help. Read the rest of the story to find out what happens.