Disclosure time! As part of my job as a VTech Voice, I was asked to write a post about how to keep dads involved with holiday preparations. Now, many dads are willing and eager participants in Family Holiday Fun, but a few of us are not. To avoid having the ghost of your dead clock-watching slackass business partner show up with three of his dead eggnog-swilling buddies, here are some suggestions on how to make the most of these last few days leading up to Christmas, from DadCentric Christmases Past.

Teach the kids some Christmas songs. My son is five, and as we’ve previously discussed, has been mangling some classic holiday tunes. So pull up iTunes and play one of your favorites, and sing it along with the kiddies. Remember, singing songs isn’t just for Mom, and singing doesn’t make you a wuss – Aaron Neville has a lovely voice, and he went to prison! Here’s one of my favorites – Santa Claus Is Comin’ To Town. (At least I think that’s what it is.)

Make a Holiday Playlist for the kids. You’ll probably freak out when your three-year-old asks you for an iPod. Fear not, for this is a great time to put together some festive songs for the family. What better time to begin molding your kids’ musical tastes to match your own? And remember, kids – Santa hates Coldplay.

Take the kids to get their picture taken with Santa. On second thought, maybe not.

Convert to Judaism and celebrate Hanukkah. Instead of one day of presents, you get eight crazy nights. Or you could be like me and do both. (Yes, I realize it’s too late now.)

Watch some Christmas movies with the kids. Get those DVR’s set to record TNT for 24-7 this week. The kids will be quoting classic Christmas movie lines like “Merry Christmas movie house!”, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”, and “Yippee kay-yay mother fu**er” in no time.

Let the kids pick out new Christmas tree ornaments. We started doing this a couple of Christmases ago with Lucas, and it’s a nice way to get them involved in family traditions. They may surprise you with their taste. Certainly my five-year-old would never have chosen this particular bauble to hang on the tree:

Elvis Ornament

Yes, we bought it. And parents, let me tell you something. Teaching the kids about the Nativity and the Maccabees? Easy. Teaching them about fat, drug-addled Elvis dying on the toilet? Not so much.