Holy hell, people. BPA! It’s everywhere and in everything and will kill you and your family until you are dead! I have to say that I knew very little about BPA until recently, when Beth came home one day and told me that we had to toss all of Zoe’s (SO FUCKING CUTE, MY DAUGHTER IS) bottles into the recycle bin and buy a bunch of new, non-BPA tainted ones. Which are, of course, twice as expensive as the BPA bottles. (Why is it that when you buy a product that has LESS of something, it costs you more? Example: Fat Free Nacho Cheesier Doritos cost a buck more than Regular Nacho Cheesier Doritos. Shouldn’t the Fat Free Nacho Cheesier Doritos cost less, since the company is presumably paying for fewer ingredients – i.e., partially hydrogenated vegetable shortening? Isn’t that, like, economics, or something?)

There is a lot of information flying around the Internets about BPA, and consequently lots of opinions about just how harmful BPA is. Many parents and experts are concerned (I believe Greg at Daddy Types has done a post or two on the subject), a few are not (we here at DadCentric strive to be Fair And Balanced!). Me, I look at it this way – if the Lead Peddlers at Wal-Mart think that this shit’s too toxic to sell, good Christ, we should round up every last bisphenol-A laden item, load ’em all into a giant rocket, and shoot that sucker towards the Sun.

I’m sure that many of you have lots of questions about BPA, so we’ve prepared an instructional video about bisphenol-A for you. You can find it here. Take notes – there will be a quiz.