Is Santa Real?

I was hanging with my boys the other day when I heard my youngest, a lackadaisical 6-year-old who was with his older brother cruisin’ the net for JabbaWockeeZ videos on YouTube say, “Google ‘Is Santa Real.’”

Oh shit.

Here we go again.

I’d been down this road before.

I managed to escape that one, cursing modern technology in the process.

But then there was the time Mother Nature saved my ass when I had to pull over and show my kids a dead deer carcass just to prove it wasn’t Rudolph. Because they seemed to become unhinged at the thought of Rudolph being dead on the side of the road and unable to guide Santa’s sleigh.

And then it happened again…

But, ironically, internet saved the day.

When they pulled up the string of answers to the question on whatever site they had chosen, they had been deleted. The next link wasn’t much better and I finally dragged them away with thoughts of a PlayStation video game marathon.


But I’m sure I’ll still have to address the anxiety over the home invasion by a man dressed in red. Why do we let strangers like this into our house as we sleep?

It begs the question: with knowledge at your fingertips with just the touch of a keyboard, how will we be able to maintain family folklore like tooth fairies, Easter Bunnies and Santa Claus?

Loss of innocence comes quick these days, doesn’t it?

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