A few weeks ago, I was asked to be a part of Healthy Child, Healthy World’s team of Parent Ambassadors. See? There I am, right below Amy Brenneman, which is awesome, because she was DeNiro’s girlfriend in Heat. I’m a far cry from All Natural All The Time; that said, it’s hard to be a parent and not try to ensure that your kids are not exposing themselves to nasty and potentially hazardous chemicals, in and outside the home. Nobody wants to see this happen to their child.

Like many of you, I let my kid buy his lunch at school. And like many of you, I’ve wondered about the quality of the stuff he’s getting. When I was a kid, the schools served such delicacies as Peanut Butter Whip, “Pizza” (Ragu sauce and American cheese on an English muffin), and of course, Sloppy Joes. I’m amazed I didn’t need bypass surgery when I was 10. Nowadays, a lot of attention is being paid to what our kids are eating, thanks to high-profile celebrity chefs like Jamie Oliver and the Let’s Move! program, headed up by Michelle Obama. The Atlantic has a great piece about the “Chefs Move To Schools” program, in which local chefs join forces with schools in their communities to develop healthier menus for students. The program looks to be a nice combination of government action, local volunteerism (the chefs aren’t paid for their work with the schools), and working within existing budgets to buy better food for our kids. Such programs will be key to changing the crap that the Lunch Lady dishes out each day. Not that it’s the Lunch Lady’s fault. After all, she loves your kids.