I have read a lot of offensive, mean, and just bad things on the Internet. Also, other places, but mostly the Internet. As you know, the offensive, mean, and just bad seem drawn to the web like moths to the flame, but unfortunately, unlike the bugs, most of them seem to walk away without so much as a slight burning sensation, and that hardly seems fair.

Take for instance a recent article over at Jezebel in which blogger Tracie Egan Morrissey apparently tore a stack of ransom notes into tiny pieces, shook them together in a burlap sack, and then let the insults, ignorance, and judgmental attacks form into an obvious cry for help and page views. The post is a textbook example of the trolls running the asylum, or bridge as the case may be, and it is pulled off to perfection—meaning it worked and my panties are bunched accordingly.

Morrissey uses her post to say that parents, specifically mom bloggers that have tweens still believing in Santa Claus, are idiots. However, she doesn’t stop at calling the parents stupid, she also makes the following statements about children:

Look, if you think your 10-year-old still believes in Santa Claus, you are stupid. Or maybe your kid is.
… there’s seriously something not right with that kid.
But what’s really going on is that their kids aren’t innocent at all. They’re fucking liars.
… because they don’t understand the scope of the world or that they are not the center of it. So they’re stupid and they’re assholes.

I don’t have a problem with Morrissey’s argument, other than I disagree with it about a thousand percent. She is entitled to believe whatever the hell she wants. After all, this is America or whatever country you happen to be in. My issue is with her insinuating that people, specifically children, that follow a different path than the one she deems acceptable, are somehow unfit or socially less than those that share her views, and then calling them the sort of names that deserve a drink thrown to the face.

Calling kids stupid, idiots, assholes, or any other derogatory name for the sake of making a point anything is not okay. I know it. You know it. Kids know it. Even Alec Baldwin knows it (now). It is low, tacky, and frankly, kind of sad.

To be clear, I should admit that I, like most people, don’t read Jezebel very often (see, ever), and perhaps this type of smug humor—the kind that isn’t really funny until someone punches the comedian in the teeth, is their thing, and if so then they should be congratulated because they’ve nailed it.

I hope they have dental.