Goddamn show. I was up until one in the morning, combing through pages of Tweets, Facebook updates, and AV Club comments, trying to figure out What It All Meant. What it meant: a bleary-eyed Monday morning routine, shuffling the kids off to school and swimming lessons, respectively. I decided to put off thinking about it until later. Maybe I’d even write a recap. I used to do that, I liked doing it, and a few people seemed to enjoy my take on the show. Or maybe I wouldn’t do a recap. I’d slept on it, and in the morning I wasn’t sure what to make of it. What did I just watch? Why’d it end like that?

On the drive back from Zoe’s swim lesson, we cruised down the same streets, past the same houses. And Zoe asked the same question: “Where Jonah house?” Jonah is a friend of Lucas – they used to be best friends, until Jonah moved away. For some reason, Zoe continues to think that he lived and continues to live in our neighborhood. As always, I gave her the same answer: “Jonah doesn’t live here, baby.” “Why?” she asked. “Why” is a new addition to her vocabulary, and she goes to it early and often. She’s two, and most of the world still defies her attempt to define it. It makes answering that particular question easy. I looked at her in the rear view mirror. “Why” is both the best and worst word; it’s inspiring and maddening, even more than “love”. And sometimes there’s really only one answer to the question. Why? I looked at her in the rear view mirror. “Because.”