Do you like the winning and the prizes? Of course you do. Well, you’re in luck because our bag is full — not with tea, but fun! Yes, fun. Fragile fun. We have some great stuff to share with the masses (you know who you are), and we think that you’ll like it.

The giveaway items are listed below and the entry form is located at the bottom of the post. Please note, I’ve received all of the items included here from the respective artists, companies or whomever the hell offers me stuff. They have passed “the test” and are endorsed by me, but my views are not necessarily those of DadCentric. I am giving them away because I like them and I think you’ll like them and nothing more than that. If you don’t like them then don’t enter, because only douchebags would enter to win something that they don’t like. Also, if you don’t like free stuff then stay away from the frozen food section of Costco during the afternoon. They force that shit on you.