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Major Dad [TV Show] Gerald McRaney Cast & Episode List

Major Dad TV Show – Cast & Episodes – Gerald McRaney

Major Dad is an American sitcom that showed on CBS from the year 1989 to 1993. The original language employed was English, but it has since been adopted into various languages. It was recorded and aired in the United States. The brains behind its success were the creators, Richard C. Okie and John G. Stephens. The development of the sitcom was undertaken by Earl Pomerantz, a Canadian television scriptwriter renown for his work in other major films.

Major Dad Cast

Major Dad had a talented cast, part of the reason it was such a big hit in the box office. The sitcom starred Gerald McRaney as Major John and Shanna Reed as his wife Polly. Some of the other actors worth mentioning include:

  • Marisa Ryan as Elizabeth Cooper MacGillis
  • Chelsea Hertford as Casey Cooper MacGillis
  • Nicole Dubuc as Robin Cooper MacGillis
  • Matt Mulhern as Liutenant Eugene Holowachuk
  • Marlon Archey as Sergeant Byron James
  • Jon Cypher as General Marcus C. Craig
  • Whitney Kershaw as Merilee Gunderson
  • Beverly Archer as Alva Bricker
  • Timothy Schnabel as Billy Sparling


The show was originally aired on Columbia Broadcasting System, an American English commercial broadcast television and radio network. The composers working on Major Dad were Roger Steinman and Steve Dorff. It ran for four solid seasons, racking up an impressive 96 episodes in this period. Each episode was 30 minutes. S.B.B Productions, Spanish Tail 

Productions and the world-famous Universal Television were the companies responsible for its production while MCA TV was in charge of distribution. The show was edited by Skip Collector, John William Heath and Augie Hess. The camera setup in Major Dad was a multi-camera setup, which is a filmmaking and video production method whereby several cameras are employed on the set and simultaneously record or broadcast a scene.

The show had five producers; Jim Evering, Barry Gold, Janet Leahy, Liz Sage and Todd Stephens.

The show’s official release date was September 17, 1989.

Show Synopsis & Episodes

Major Dad revolves around the life of United States Marine Corp, Major John D. The first season is set in a camp called Camp Singleton. The show takes us through the Major’s work and private life, contrasting the two sides of the coin commendably well. At work, he is the commander of an infantry where he trains his division. While there, he meets the love of his life, Polly Cooper, and his life is never the same again. Polly Cooper is a journalist who builds a home with the main character and she has three daughters, Elizabeth, Robin and Casey – who Major John has to learn to live with. At work, he also has to deal with fellow compatriots Lt. Eugene Holowachuk, Sgt. Byron James and Merilee Gunderson.

The second season brings a complete change of scenery as the MacGillis family moves to Camp Hollister where John must adapt to his new role of secretary. How he deals with his new status coupled with the crazy antics of Commanding General Marcus C. Craig make for a hilarious and unforgettable sitcom. The General’s secretary, Sgt. Alva Bricker, is also introduced and despite her no-nonsense and brusque nature, is the subject of many enthusiastic suitors. Character development picks up speed with every season making for an enjoyable watch.

Conclusion – Major Dad TV Show

The show (Major Dad) and its actors have gone on to rack up various awards and nominations for their work on the sitcom, including Emmy and BMI TV Awards.

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