My little daughter, the Peanut, hates hats. Absolutely hates them. Stick one on her head and she’ll have it off in less than 10 seconds. Doesn’t matter what kind of hat. We’ve tried them all. She just doesn’t want any part of them.

But now that winter has hit the Northeast, it’s absolutely necessary for her to be bundled up when she goes outside. We seem to have avoided the hat standoff by buying her a puffy red snowsuit with a hood that we can tie around her head. So far, she’s been unable to get hood off.

We figured that her abhorrence for hats would translate into a distate for gloves. But shit, what do you know? She likes gloves. Even better, she loves mittens. In fact, she’ll even wear her mittens around the house without her jacket. It’s the cutest thing you’ve ever seen. Even cuter is the fact that loves taking off one of her mittens so she can grab a biscuit. The other hand stays in the mitten solo. We’ll look up and she’ll look like a miniaturized Asian version of Michael Jackson from back in the day. It’s hysterical.

We’re thinking about getting her some shiny mittens and a leather jacket to complete the Jacko look. What do you think? Is it fucked up to dress your daughter in clothes simply for your own entertainment? Shit, you should have seen the stuff my parents made me wear. Payback sure is a bitch. Oh well, Peanut will have her own kids to torment someday. Meanwhile, anyone know where I can get a MJ Thriller outfit in a size 12-18 months? Seriously, anyone? Greg?