“Ok, I had this great idea. I was totally thinking about it on the drive home and I am convinced it can work.”

“What is this idea?”

“I pitch a DadCentric TV show to HBO. It would be brilliant. Like Curb Your Enthusiasm with kids. We could do it semi-improv. Get three year olds and turn the cameras on them and let them talk about the shit that they talk about, pink eagles and pee and all that, and have the actors just go with it.”

“But not everyone finds little kids funny.”

“So? You think everyone found Sex and The City funny? Who watched that shit? Women in their 30’s. That leaves a whole lot of people who didn’t think it was funny. And yet it was a cultural phenomenon. Network shows about dads are not funny.”

“That reminds me – a woman on my message board was telling us that her baby pooped on the floor and their dog ate it.”

“See? That would not happen on Growing Pains. But that’s pretty funny. In fact, if that was us, and the baby shit on the floor, we’d be placing bets. ‘Oh, no, Zoe pooped on the floor. I got five bucks says Mick eats it.”Oh, yeah? Double or nothing says he pisses on it and then eats it.’ That’s funny. You think Alan Thicke would bet on his dog eating baby shit?”

“Do we know anyone who works in TV?”

“See, you’re with me on this. I gotta call HBO before the writers’ strike ends.”