As I’ve been suffering from a sweet, sweet hangover as a result of the overdose of dad love I received this Father’s Day, I asked my wife (you know and worship her as My Love on my personal blog Always Home and Uncool) if she could do me a solid and write this week’s DadCentric post for me.

My only instruction to her was that it had to be about me as a father.

Her only response to me was “Mix me a martini and I’ll think it over.”

Yeah. She is the best.

* * *

You know you are an Always Home and Uncool father when …
Submitted by My Love

You find yourself up at 3 in the morning all hot and stiff … only because you were walking the halls all night trying to put your newborn baby back to sleep.

You hear your kid make that awful regurgitation sound and, rather than run away, you rush forward with hands cupped trying in vain to catch the projectile before it hits the carpet or bed sheets.

You own a green-striped Steve rugby shirt and aren’t ashamed to admit it.

You take your minivan instead of your wife’s convertible to run an errand because otherwise you’d “have to shower, shave and put on better clothes.”

You walk into the elementary school and all your son’s classmates hug your pant leg and say excitedly “Hey, Mr. Uncool” … before asking you why you are never at work.

You spend several weeks trying to keep everything together in your sick child’s hospital room then go cry your heart out in the parking lot.

A good weekend is defined as rain outs for all the youth sports teams you coach, relaxing with a few uninterrupted pints of fine beer and getting busy with the wife more than once — but one out of three isn’t too shabby.