We lay down together on the couch. My arm is tucked just so, between his hips and his rib cage, at the small of his small back, buried slightly in the couch cushions. This is the best way to get him to nap. Lucky for me.

My rough, worn, time-scarred face presses lightly up against his soft, smooth, cool cheek. 

His eyelids, heavy, tinged with purple, half cover dark sleepy eyes. He sucks his thumb. I snuggle closer. Breath in his still sweet baby smell. This won’t last fore— oh, hey kitty. Hey pretty cat. You gonna take a nap t–ok now. Don’t attack his feet. That’s fresh. Get down.

His breathing slows as does the motion of his mouth pulling on that ever present thumb. Ok you. Get that bum down and those legs back under the blankets. There we go.

I feel his body relax. He has no worries to make his shoulders rigid with tensi–Oh hi again kitty. Ok you need to get down. What? You want to pat her? Ok there you go. Now she needs to go. She’s gotta nap too, honey.

My calloused hand lightly strokes his perfect forehead. Passes over his eyes. Encourages them to close. He turns toward me. He throws his free arm over my neck. The fingers on his thumb sucking hand flex, then release, brushing my face. Goddammit, get down cat. No more patting, it’s nap time. You’re hungry? You just ate. After nap.

His chest rises and fal-Get outta here cat! No, Pman, you can’t go play. Because it’s nap time. I pull him in tight and–I know you’re hungry but–wait. Where are you going? No no, it’s nap timeFUCK OFF CAT. I think maybe this time I’ll join him in slumb– Ok sweetie, what are you doing? Lets . . . you have poops? Let me check . . . you don’t have poops, you liar. We warm each other under Wait where are you going? You’re a scary monster? But, it’s nap time.

Or not, I guess. Ok.


AHHHH! A scary monster!


It was nice while it lasted.