Portrait of a frightened man: Jason Avant, thirty-nine, husband, father, and writer on vacation. Mr. Avant is what they call a “nervous flyer”, which is a polite way of saying “flyer who requires several glasses of something strong and several handfuls of something stronger to prevent himself from having a nervous breakdown every time the plane shakes or makes a course”. Tonight, his flight home will be like something out of an old episode of a TV series known as…The Twilight Zone.

Let me just say this about flying with 17 month old toddlers…oh, that’s right. Zoe is now a toddler. As in “one who toddles”. As in “one who started walking on her own the day before our flight to Florida, and who discovered that she really enjoys walking on her own, and getting her to sit still on a 5+ hour plane flight after she’s discovered that walking is fun HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA that’s a good one, God or Whatever Name One Choses To Give To The Force That Runs The Way That The Universe Unfolds; you’re an asshole, you know that?” Anyway, flying with 17 month old toddlers is something that should never be done ever. In fact, I’d recommend not flying with a kid under 5; it will be a cold day in Hell before we do it again. I discovered this as soon as we took our seats on that flight home from Florida; a flight that became a voyage of nightmarish discoveries.