Only one of you kiddie music tolerating readers will receive in the mail my review copy of 76 Trombones, the new Dan Zanes and Friends album of (mostly) Broadway tunes.

Is it ZenMom, who is looking for revenge against her husband’s torrid fantasies about flame-haired Noggin vixen Laurie Berkner? (I can read between the lines, ZM.)

Perhaps it will be Chris, whose son suffered the first in what will surely be a long line of rock ‘n’ roll disappointments when Zanes failed to play one of his favorite songs in concert. (The boy did all of us proud by telling Zanes off after the show.)

Of course it’s not them or else I wouldn’t have mentioned their names before the break.

The winner is …


His name was drawn from a hat by my son, who quickly added:

“Dan! Just like in Bakugan! He’s cool because he has an electric Drago!”

Yeah, I’m clueless, too. So I Googled it and I’m sure this video will make the lot of you forget you are losers and focus on whether I should be worried about my son being into an anime dude who wears Michael Jackson’s old “Beat It” outfit: