ou know what’s fun? Five is fun. Why, just look at it:


Just look at that jolly curve in its nethers, almost but not quite a circle, bouncing its way along. And that arm reaching upwards, connected to another stretching over its top, peering, searching, inquiring. 5 is the symbol we all know as the value between 4 and 6, be it an amount, an order, a rank. But I’ve come to realize that it’s more than that. 5 is a new found sense of capability that feeds the sense of wonderment that’s been there since day one. 5 is burgeoning self-confidence. 5 is the making of declarations and the asking of questions all in the spirit of pushing against the world so as to test it and come to understand how it works. 5 is looking back at where you were and comparing the now to the then, and realizing that you can do things that you couldn’t before, and that the future just might hold even more and greater advances.

It all just screams fun.

Then there’s two. Two is fun too, sure, but two is a lot of other things.


See what I mean? That gentle curve up, back, around, down, then without warning, POW! A hard turn back the other way. What’s 2 going to do next, huh? Like 5, 2 is also a realization of new abilities, but without 5’s notion of control or sense of its own strength. 2 is so very excited at the mere fact of existence, its own and everything else’s, that it can scarcely channel its own energies into anything but the wreaking of havoc. 2 is a powerful and unpredictable force that requires constant and careful guidance lest its destructive might bring down the very walls within which it stands.

It all just screams.

5 and 2 have a variety of effects on one another when they come together, some complementary, many explosive. 5 is building and creation, and while 2 has a sense of these things, it is often more about destruction. All too often, 5 is subject to the horror of watching that which it has brought into being torn asunder. 2’s devastation does not seem to be a product of malice. It simply comes about as a natural consequence of wanting to be included. 2 looks upon 5 with awe and wants to be involved in whatever 5 is doing, but it somehow just all falls apart. And when scolded, it reacts with all the anger that 2 is able to conjur up. Which is a lot.

Poor 2.

But take heart, little numeral. You’ve 3 in your very near future, and 4 and 5 and more beyond that. So do you, 5. Both of you, just keep growing, keep trying, keep pushing. It all just…well, you’ll see.