All this talk about music reminded me of my most recent purchase for my daughters. In an effort to coerce at least one of them to follow in their Daddy/Stepdaddy’s footsteps, I purchased their first official rock and roll instrument. Yes, a set of [the cheapest] drums [I could find]. OK, there’s Batman crap all over it, the cymbal sounds like a coffee can lid (I think it is, actually) and the drum heads are made out of two-ply freezer bags, but, I’ll be damned if they’re not having fun with the thing. My littlest one especially.

She’s been air-drumming with Daddy in the truck for a couple of months now and it’s to the point where I will be severely scolded should I forget to attach the stereo face plate and kick on the tunes the second we enter the truck so she can move her little fists like Animal from the Muppets. She loves to rock out, what can I say? Now she can do it for reals from the comfort of our home in whichever room she chooses to carry the drum set. Yes, it’s that cheap. Even a 21-month old girl can pick it up and walk with it [and throw it at the dog, as witnessed yesterday].

Last night, I taught her proper drumming etiquette by showing her how to click her sticks together before commencing the jam session. Really cute watching her do this, trust me. She’s also practicing her drum set destruction chops by tossing the accompanying stool into the set and subsequently knocking the thing over. You can’t be a rocker without destroying your instrument. Trust me on this too.

Her sister is less intrigued with the set as I think the Batman motif is throwing her off a bit. There was a Barbie drum set but it was 3 times the price and I’m not willing to fork down the dough until we’re through the “test” phase of exploring their interest in becoming the next John-elle Bonham. There were other instrument options. However, I think they’re too young for guitars and I’m not ready to introduce them to “school band” instruments just yet. There is a nerd factor to consider, after all.

If all goes well, the little one will be playing the “Tom Sawyer” fills in about a month. Either that or Barbie’s gonna have one helluva makeshift hot tub.