I was going back through the archives and it occurred to me that we really spend a lot of time talking about Star Wars on this site. (www.lukeiamyourfathercentric.com might be a better URL.) In fact, I defy you to find a male between the ages of 36 and 42 who doesn’t make reference to, say, wrestling a Gundark or bullseye’ing womp-rats in our T-16’s back home at least once a day. Ok, it’s kind of weird, and frankly many of us are glad we’re married because the single ladies, they are not impressed with tales of aerial womp-rat marksmanship. Most dads of our generation understand why this is so; however, we recognize that a fair number of female, older, and younger readers might not grasp why George Lucas’ magnum opus holds such a grip on us, decades (yikes) after the first film was released. Wonder no more, because the following should make it all clear.