Pictures and Perverts

My wife and I decided to put together a family blog last night to serve as a one-stop for all relatives and friends who want to keep up with our daily lives, more specifically, our kids. We figured it’s easier to have them come to us rather than update the different parties/people sporadically with news as we have [feebly] been doing in the past.

Of course, posting pictures is a great perk associated with blogging. In fact, we ultimately created a Flickr album to serve as the host to our photos. We chose Flickr because of their neat little “badge” tool you see all over the place. So, we now have pics of our kids for the public to see.

Although she was ultimately on board for making our photos public, my wife did express some concern over the vast number of pervs out there who use photos of kids to exploit or enhance their sick little forays. We’re talking about capturing photos and getting off on them or Photoshopping kid’s faces onto other pornographic photos and distributing them…stuff like that. A valid concern, I admit. It does happen. In fact, there is no limit to the depths some people will sink.

But what are the chances of this happening? And if it did, would we ever know in the first place? The chances are slim and, NO, we would never know. Just as we don’t know who may have seen our kids at the grocery store and, subsequently, went home to pleasure themselves over the thought of them. Plus, there are camera phones in every pocket, video cameras…you name it. In this day and age, our kids are susceptible to all kinds of indirect or passive exploitations. It’s almost the best you can do to keep your kids physically safe from these predators. How far do you go?

Is it irresponsible posting photos of your children on the net?

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