A lot of you out there are devout football fans; I’m a rugby guy myself, so I find American football sort of cute, what with the pads and the helmets and stopping play every two minutes so that morbidly obese lineman can rest and suck down some oxygen. Nevertheless, I’ve been known to watch me some football, and was pretty stoked when the folks at Dove Men+Care recently invited me and a bunch of other dads to go to New York and hang out with Doug Flutie:

Flutie is a stand-up guy, and in an age when most brands could give a rat’s ass about dads, Dove Men+Care has done a fine job portraying fathers in a positive light. They’ve also sent DadCentric a whole bunch of sponsorship opportunities over the past year, which helps me pay the bills. (Maintaining a gold-plated yacht isn’t easy, you know.)

So I’m happy to pass this along: “College football brings out the biggest rivalries of all time and now guys can compete head-to-head with fellow fans. Earn extra bragging rights this season by participating in the Dove® Men+Care® Fan Bowl Photo Challenge. Even after the game is over, fans can still keep the football spirit alive by submitting photos in weekly digital challenges doled out by the “Journey to Comfort” quarterbacks. Challenges will ask fans to share their “Most Impressive Tailgate Spread” or to don their “Best Game Face” for a chance to win “Bowl Game” tickets or meet John Elway. All submitted photos will be featured in an image gallery located on DoveMenCare.com and Facebook.com\DoveMenCareUS.”

Interested? Excellent. You can submit your photos here. (You do know what they mean when they say “Bowl Game”, right? Super.) The contest ends on 12/20/12.