There’s a scene in the movie Clerks where Dante and Randal are discussing the Quixotic dream of having the ability to suck one’s own dick. In the film’s fantastical world, it turns out that (SPOILER ALERT) such a thing is possible, because (SPOILER ALERT) Randal’s cousin Walter died of a broken neck, the fatal injury occurring while Walter was grasping that golden ring, achieving that dream within a dream, self-fellatio. “He finally made it”, says an awestruck, proud, and yes, slightly envious Dante.

A book review seems like an odd place to bring this particular scene up, but it does have some relevance; while it seems that every mommyblogger in the Universe is getting a book deal, sadly, the publishing world seems to have turned a blind eye to the dadbloggers. So when Danny Evans, he of Dad Gone Mad, announced that his memoir about his battle with depression Rage Against The Meshugenah was being published, dadbloggers throughout the dadblogosphere were understandably awestruck, proud, and yes, slightly envious (well, at least I was). Danny Evans finally made it! (This is not to imply that I think Mr. Evans’ book is a figurative self-dick-suck. Quite the opposite.)