“Mommy, Daddy…is it ok to say ‘Oh my gosh’?”

“Yep. Or ‘Oh my goodness’. That works just as well. Better, even.”

“Oh. How about ‘Oh my God’?”

“Well…you see, that might upset some people. It’s not really a nice thing to say.”

“Oh. What’s God?”

(Long, long, long, long, long pause.)

“Well. Hmm. God. Well, some people believe that God is what made…everything. And different people believe in God in different ways. There are Jewish people and Catholic people and Christians and lots of other religions.”


“Yeah – a religion is…it’s a way that people believe in God. Some people believe in…one God, like Jewish people. Other people believe in God, but they also believe in Jesus…that’s why you don’t say ‘Oh, Jesus’. Because that’s disrespectful.”

“Oh. Did you know that ‘Jesus’ and ‘cheese’ rhyme?”