Thing 2, the younger of our two boys, will be turning one in a few weeks. Like any birthday worth celebrating in a guys life we are paying it homage with the classic of all classics, the road trip.

Goodvacationset_1 Granted, this will be more “family truckster” than Fandango, but that’s cool. I like Chevy Chase more than Judd Nelson anyway.

The trying part will be that we haven’t taken a trip further than Wally World Disneyland with our current line-up and I’m afraid that 7 hours of driving through lonesome desert with Hope and Crosby is going to be as enjoyable as the director’s cut of Ishtar.

Of course we have a plethora of toys and books and various snack foods. We also have a DVD player that we bought a year ago for just this occasion and have yet to take out of the box. Needless to say I will be opening it shortly.

My mental playlist has started to take form, allowing for such road staples as Guster, Foo Fighters and the random rotation of kiddie music that doesn’t make me want to drive into a ditch, basically some Ella Fitzgerald and a bunch of songs I burned from iTunes.

What awaits us, should we actually make it in one piece, is a collection of salivating family that have a jones for my boys like Marion Barry craves the rock. Most of the greater southwest has yet to meet Thing 2, and when they last saw Thing 1 he was still hitting the bottle and crapping himself. It’s been awhile.

I think we are ready. I hope Tucson is.