It’s fucking cold. It’s cold and windy and the skcchh of the shovel is getting on my nerves. Look at her playing in the snow. Little yellow shovel. So cute.

“Yes honey. You are helping me shovel. Oops. Here’s your shovel back. Ok honey. That’s good, but why don’t we throw the snow the other way. Not where we just shoveled. Yes it is hard work.”


“Are you getting cold yet, honey? Are you cold? You’re not? Yes I’ll show you how to make a snow angel. Uhhnn. Ok. There you go. Not there though honey. Daddy has to shovel there.”

Skcchh. Skcchh.

“What? Yes honey, I’ll help you make a snow man. First you make the ball. Then you roll it in the snow. Right, til it gets bigger and bigger.

Sk–“Not there though, honey. Not there. Ok.”

Skcchh. “You cold, honey? You are? Yeah, why don’t we take you in.”

Skcchh. Skcchh.

So much snow. 18.2 inches Heavy. Really heavy snow. I heard it on the radio.

Jesus. I’m fat. And old. How’d I get so old so young? I promise, after this, I am going to start eating healthy again.

This is really gonna hurt. Thank God I took my blood pressure pill. Ok just gotta . . Phew. Ok 20 shovel fulls and then rest.

I swear to god if someone looing came along right now I’d offer him 10 bucks just to do this snow bank.

We don’t have any cash on us.

It hurts.

I should just go in the car and turn on the radio and have my heart attack.

I wonder what they’re doing inside right now.

Gotta do it. Gotta at least do enough for us to be able to drive out.

I can’t wait til the kids are old enough to do this.

I’d barter one of them for a snowblower right now.

I’m hungry.

Fucking Jesus.

I wish we bought a condo. I don’t want to live somewhere warmer, I just don’t want to shovel anymore.

Maybe I’ll lay down and pull a Little Match Girl.

“Grandma. Your lap is so warm Grandma! So Waaarrrmm . . . uh. Heh.”

How long have I been out here? It’s still light out.

Ok. Fuck. Ok. Finally. Now just salt, sand, clean off the car.

I’ll have to rustle up snacks when I get in.

I’m exhausted.

“Daddy, did you shovel the path for me?’

“Yup. Yes I did little girl.”

“Thank you daddy.”

“You’re welcome baby girl. You hungry?”