So it may be a wee bit too early to tell, I may in fact be jinxing the whole thing by calling any sort of attention to it, but if the events of the last few weekends are any indicator, I may very well be on to some sort of father-son tradition kind of thing with my oldest boy. Not that it has to be just father-son, mom can join in too, and she has. And when the newborn son isn’t so new anymore, he can get in on the fun as well. But for the moment, it’s just me and the eldest.

It’s not a particularly complicated tradition or anything. It doesn’t involve trekking out to the badlands with three days worth of beef jerky stored away in our horse’s saddlebags. There’s no ceremonial garb involved and no animals have to be sacrificed. Nope, it’s really nothing more complicated than a little ride on the city bus. See, a few weekends ago, we introduced Henry, our oldest to the joys of the bus, and it was a match made in heaven. Perhaps it’s the fact that he can be transported at high speeds without having to wear a carseat. Maybe it’s the community aspect. Maybe it’s just the joy of getting to ride in a REALLY BIG THING. Whatever it was, he loved it, and ever since then, we constantly hear about how “Hemmy wanna ride the bussss.”

So for the last few weekends, I’ve scooped the little guy up and taken the bus down the road to the grocery store. But not just any grocery store, it’s the one with *GASP* a playground right outside! Of course, ask any kid about this magical destination, and they’ll refer to it as the playground with the *yawn* grocery store inside. Whatever it is, it’s a place where the kiddos can burn off some energy so that they’ll be nice and docile for the grocery-purchasing experience yet to come. Once the kiddo’s had his fill of the playground, we buy whatever we need for dinner that night and then catch the bus back home. We disembark, wave goodbye to the bus, and walk home so Dad can get dinner started.

As we waved goodbye to the bus last weekend, the little guy said “that was fun Daddy.” Of course, I swelled up with that “holy crap, I’m getting at least one piece of this Dad gig right” feeling.

“You liked that, little boy?”

“Hemmy wanna ride the bus some more.”

“Maybe next weekend?”


Sappy perhaps, but I’ll take it.

So what about you? Got any routines that you enjoy with your kiddos?