Pick up your local paper, and chances are that at least once a week you’ll see an article about parenting. And of course it’ll be written by someone other than a father. But if you’re a dad living in Seattle, not only do you get a government-paid-for Starbucks ration, the opportunity to hire Alice in Chains to play your kid’s birthday party, and an unbridled all-consuming hatred for Clay Bennett and David Stern, you get DadSeattle. DadSeattle is brought to you by the forward-thinking folks at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer. Contributing to the P-I and DadSeattle is Paul Nyhan, who’s a three-time dad and a great writer to boot. He writes the P-I’s Working Dad blog, and here’s his latest. It’s well worth your time and I’m not just saying that because I’m quoted in the piece, unless you’re my parents because they’re so proud of me that I’m in the newspapers.