Ah, New York, you’ve let me down. I expect great things of you, but this time? Sigh. You really dropped the ball. And that’s a shame because I think this was one of those prime moments. A moment that says to the rest of the world, “We’re just not gonna take it anymore. If you break the rules…You. Will. Pay. And pay publicly.” Yes, yes this could have been a “bring back the stocks and public floggings!” opportunity. Well, at least the information age equivalent of that: the perp walk. Imagine if every case had a perp walk: jay-walking, expired meter, spitting on the sidewalk. They’re simultaneously entertaining and humiliating – I leave it to you as to which applies to what party. Honestly, it really is something you’re good at New York. The media leap at any opportunity for a good perp walk. And, honestly, your law enforcement seem happy to oblige. I’ve seen members of the Genovese Family led to the courthouse flanked by detectives; Bernie Madoff in a Kevlar vest; Plaxico Burress perp walked under the scaffolding at the 17th Precinct. That’s why, for the life of me, I don’t know how you could let this one get away.