While browsing the shelves at our local Barnes and Noble, I happened upon the recently released paperback edition of Neal Pollack’s magnus opus, Alternadad. As I always do, I picked up the book to read the review blurbs, and lo! what did I see, but a snippet of the review I gave back when the book was originally released! Me! In print! In an actual book! Sounding like some sort of literary critic! I immediately called Michiko Kakutani and asked him if we could be friends. He uttered something that sounded like “eat my fuck” and hung up on me. Still, I am in a geeky mood, and am considering buying a bunch of copies to send to my parents and everyone I know to prove to them that I’m not making up stories about people actually reading my blog.

The blurb, in case you’re interested:

“‘Alternadad‘ works because it’s got a lot of heart. Neal tells his story without the shrill judgment and holier-than-thou attitude that’s prevalent in so many parenting books and blogs. It’s an honest, funny, and ultimately moving story, one that dads (and moms) will love.” 

So in case you haven’t picked up a copy, do so; it’s great and deserves a wide audience. Plus you can read my blurb again. And again. And again.