I drew looks. It happens when you’re a dad doing something (socio-culturally speaking) reserved for moms. The moms were in line at Capri Elementary school, there to register their kids for kindergarten. I’d filled out my paperwork earlier but had failed to bring Proper Documentation Of Proof Of Residence, or however the form put it. My driver’s license has my old Del Mar address on it, and that doesn’t fly when you’re trying to enroll your kid in an Encinitas school. So it was back to the house to rustle up an SDGE bill or a bank statement or a tax return. Thoughts in my head: We do all of this crap online. Paper? Does anyone even use that anymore? Well, five’s as good an age as any to be exposed to bureaucracy. Lucas, can you say “triplicate”? Then back to the school and the line of moms and the looks.