This week was special: all of the DadCentric guys ran into each other in Vegas, had some drinks, bet on the NBA Conference Finals games and won a shitload of money, hung out with the Rat Pack, and then went to an Elvis Wedding Chapel, where we all hugged each other before walking through a doorway bathed in incandescent light. Then I woke up on the couch, wiped the slurry of sleep-drool, tortilla chips and vodka from my chin, and realized It Was All Just A Dream. Here’s what everybody else did. (Oh, and Croutonboy and Warren haven’t been posting because they’re temping for Hurley and Ben.)

Greg learns that guns and elevators don’t mix.

Kevin falls apart, and feels the sting of vengeance.

The Holmes goes for a drive.

I continue to ramble on about the Lost finale.

And now, The Major Announcement.

Next week, we’re bringing in a boatload of guest dads – writers, bloggers, and some other special guests – for something we’re calling 30 Days of Dads. Every weekday in June, we’ll have a different guest dad writing about…well, whatever he wants to write about. We’re not big on convention around here. So screw Father’s Day – June is Father’s MONTH. We hope you’ll join us.