I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy; frankly, the problems of beautiful, wealthy, oversexed, monologue-loving doctors with great hair hit a little too close to home for me. But last night, I got roped into watching the Shocking! Season! Finale! with Beth. Since a good chunk of you are women, and since most of you male readers are married to women, I’ll go out on a limb and assume that many of you saw it as well. It was pretty intense, violent, and gripping – right up to what was easily one of the most jaw-droppingly stupid examples of poor writing I’ve ever seen. Even April here was at a loss for words, and you know how those Seattle Grace doctors like to yammer on. And on. And on.

The scene: Mr. Clark, clearly upset over the death of his wife at the hands of Dr. McDreamy, is walking around Seattle Grey’s Hospital shooting people. The SWAT team is called in, and after an hour of searching the hospital and not asking anyone, “excuse me, but have you seen the guy who’s walking around shooting people?”, a SWAT guy finally corners Mr. Clark, who is pointing a gun at one of the doctors (I don’t know her name, but she’s the pretty angst-ridden female one). SWAT Guy is alone (Strike 1!), has a clear shot from 10 feet away, takes it…and hits Mr. Clark in the shoulder (Strike 2!). Then the kicker – SWAT Guy lets Mr. Clark go. And then SWAT Guy leaves. (Strike Whaaa?!) How does that make any sense? (Well, outside of the context of “ABC wants a two-hour episode, so Shonda Rhimes needs to fill it with Stupid”.) Shonda Rhimes, you are no Kathryn Bigelow.

What does Grey’s Anatomy have to do with the DadCentricians? Nothing. (Well, most of us have good hair.) But I was up until 1:00 watching that goddamn show, which was an hour too long thanks to Stupid SWAT Guy (Shonda Rhimes – please turn to page 2, “The Headshot”, in your Screenwriters’ Guild “How To Write Action Scenes Involving SWAT Guys And Hostages” pamphlet), and I needed to vent. Moving on. Here’s what your DadCentric Writers have been up to this week: