If you’re a new dad and have neither the time nor the patience to wade through a 350 page doorstop book on parenting, the goodfellas over at Dr. Moz have a solution. Their interactive guide for first-time dads, The Goodfather, offers quick and practical dadding tips, from changing a diaper to adjusting to the enormous changes brought on when a kid’s in the picture (“Jerk – How Not To Be One”) with a healthy dose of humor. In addition, the CD features a baby name book with over 15,000 entries (Bjordkjerk was not listed; perhaps it’ll be included in v2.0) and a Baby Card Maker program which allows you to create your own announcements. (Laugh it up, dads-to-be; wait ’till you see how much those friggin’ things cost. You’ll change your tune, and may well end up getting calls from Hallmark recruiters once they get wind of your hidden talents.) If you appreciate advice like “Pulling a baby from new grandparents can be a lot like negotiating a wildebeest calf from drooling hyenas”, you’ll enjoy this great resource.