We’re gonna try something new: an open thread discussion which we’ll call The Hot Topic (hence the title The Hot Topic). Today’s Hot Topic: childhood obesity. This week, the White House announced that Michelle Obama would be spearheading a national effort to combat childhood obesity. The Let’s Move campaign’s website can be found here; its goal is to “solve the epidemic of childhood obesity within a generation”. The site is chock full of info and resources, and it’s pretty ambitious. But is it necessary? Should the government take a proactive role in the health of our kids, investing in the health and welfare of future generations of Americans and ensuring that we’ll still kick ass in basketball and professional wrestling for decades to come? Or is this just some Marxian Socialist Jenny Craig Long March, and dealing with childhood obesity is a matter best left to local schools, or just the parents? And really? There was a Fat Albert movie starring Kenan Thompson? What up with dat? Weigh in (ha! I made a funny!) in the comments section below!