My five year old discovered the wondrous world of Lego not too long ago. It’s been a real blast to sit alongside of him while he explores this vast plastic universe of brightly-colored interconnectedness, rediscovering its joys and wonders and appreciating the improvements and expansions they’ve made since I was his age.

So as the holidays approached, it made all the sense in the world that we should hook the kid up with one of the Lego advent calendars. Like any advent calendar, it has one compartment per day for each day of December leading up to Christmas, and inside of each one, there’s a small Lego item. Santa Claus informed me that among the presents he’ll be bringing for my eldest this year, he’ll have some Legos in tow, and among those, there will probably be some from the medieval Kingdoms collection. You know, knights, wizards, wenches, castles, all that stuff. Thus, we decided that we’d get the advent calendar of the same theme. Kinda tie it all together, know what I’m saying?

For some reason, I had it in my mind that, being an advent calendar, this thing would have a bit of a holiday theme about it. Where would I get such a crazy idea? Who knows. This time of year gives a man funny ideas. As you can see, the castle pictured on the box is covered in snow, and the little fold down flap that comes down to reveal the twenty-four compartments shows a two-dimensional Christmas tree.