spent a recent weekend hanging out at Nissan’s San Diego headquarters driving fast and taking chances. I had to sign waivers. I think.

The good people at Nissan flew me to San Diego, put me up at the W Hotel, fed me some fine grub and invited me to test drive their new line of sedans. No money changed hands. I didn’t even tip the bellhop.

Let me preface this review with a bit of personal history: My dad was a Datsun man and that led to his becoming a Nissan man because something happened behind the scenes that we weren’t privy to, possibly someone named Datsun dying at the hands of someone named Nissan followed by maniacal laughter and lots of files being sealed. Possibly. Or maybe there was a buyout. What the hell do I know? The point is, I spent many a chore behind the wheel of a Nissan truck and I resented them accordingly.

Secondly, I used to have a Sentra back in “the day” and in said Sentra I had some of the best car “dates” ever. It was epic. Submarine races in a starlit desert. My old cassette player should be bronzed. My old back seat should be in a museum. Old girlfriends should friend me on Facebook. My Sentra experience canceled out a youth spent loading and unloading exercises in futility.

I took Nissan’s offer knowing damn well that we were even.